Unless you are a PennyLane or plugin developer, you likely do not need to use these classes directly.

See the quantum circuits page for more details on creating QNodes, as well as the qnode() decorator and QNode() constructor.

This subpackage contains the supported types of QNodes.



BaseQNode(func, device, *[, mutable])

Base class for quantum nodes in the hybrid computational graph.

CVQNode(func, device[, mutable])

Quantum node for CV parameter shift analytic differentiation

JacobianQNode(func, device[, mutable])

Quantum node that can be differentiated with respect to its positional parameters.

PassthruQNode(func, device, **kwargs)

Differentiable quantum node that appears as a white box to an external autodiff framework.

QubitQNode(func, device[, mutable])

Quantum node for qubit parameter-shift analytic differentiation method.

ReversibleQNode(func, device[, mutable])

Quantum node for reversible analytic differentiation method.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of pennylane.qnodes.base.BaseQNode, pennylane.qnodes.cv.CVQNode, pennylane.qnodes.jacobian.JacobianQNode, pennylane.qnodes.passthru.PassthruQNode, pennylane.qnodes.qubit.QubitQNode, pennylane.qnodes.rev.ReversibleQNode