make_Q(A, R)[source]

Calculates the \(\mathcal{Q}\) matrix that encodes the expectation value according to the probability unitary \(\mathcal{A}\) and the function-encoding unitary \(\mathcal{R}\).

Following this paper, the expectation value is encoded as the phase of an eigenvalue of \(\mathcal{Q}\). This phase can be estimated using quantum phase estimation using the QuantumPhaseEstimation() template. See QuantumMonteCarlo() for more details, which loads make_Q() internally and applies phase estimation.

  • A (array) – The unitary matrix of \(\mathcal{A}\) which encodes the probability distribution

  • R (array) – The unitary matrix of \(\mathcal{R}\) which encodes the function


the \(\mathcal{Q}\) unitary

Return type