This module contains experimental, contributed, and beta functions and features.

pennylane.beta.interfaces Package

This package contains experimental QNode interfaces for PennyLane.


to_autograd(qnode) Function that accepts a QNode, and returns an Autograd-compatible QNode.

pennylane.beta.plugins Package

This package contains experimental plugin devices for PennyLane.


TensorNetwork(wires[, shots, analytic]) Experimental Tensor Network simulator device for PennyLane.
TensorNetworkTF(wires[, shots]) Experimental TensorFlow Tensor Network simulator device for PennyLane.

pennylane.beta.qnodes Package

This package contains the new-style QNodes.


QNode(func, device, *[, interface, mutable, …]) QNode constructor for creating QNodes.
qnode(device, *[, interface, mutable, …]) Decorator for creating QNodes.


BaseQNode(func, device, *[, mutable, properties]) Base class for quantum nodes in the hybrid computational graph.
CVQNode(func, device[, mutable, properties]) Quantum node for CV parameter shift analytic differentiation
JacobianQNode(func, device[, mutable, …]) Quantum node that can be differentiated with respect to its positional parameters.
QuantumFunctionError Exception raised when an illegal operation is defined in a quantum function.
QubitQNode(func, device[, mutable, properties]) Quantum node for qubit parameter shift analytic differentiation

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of pennylane.beta.qnodes.base.BaseQNode, pennylane.beta.qnodes.cv.CVQNode, pennylane.beta.qnodes.jacobian.JacobianQNode, pennylane.beta.qnodes.qubit.QubitQNode

pennylane.beta.vqe Package

This package contains functionality for running Variational Quantum Eigensolver (VQE) computations using PennyLane.


aggregate(coeffs, qnodes, params) Aggregate a collection of coefficients and expectation values into a single scalar.
circuits(ansatz, observables, device[, …]) Create a set of callable functions which evaluate quantum circuits based on ansatz and observables.
cost(params, ansatz, hamiltonian, device[, …]) Evaluate the VQE cost function, i.e., the expectation value of a Hamiltonian.


Hamiltonian(coeffs, observables) Lightweight class for representing Hamiltonians for Variational Quantum Eigensolver problems.