Module: pennylane.init

interferometer_normal(n_wires, mean=0, std=0.1, seed=None)[source]

Creates a list of three parameter arrays for an Interferometer(), drawn from a normal distribution.

The arrays are of the form [theta, phi, varphi], where:

  • theta is the array of beamsplitter transmittivity angles, of size (n_wires*(n_wires-1)/2, )
  • phi is the array of beamsplitter phases, of size (n_wires*(n_wires-1)/2, )
  • varphi is the array of local angles for the final rotation gates, of size (n_wires, )

All parameters are drawn from a normal distribution with mean mean and standard deviation std.


n_wires (int) – number of modes that the interferometer acts on

Keyword Arguments:
  • mean (float) – mean of parameters
  • std (float) – standard deviation of parameters
  • seed (int) – seed used in sampling the parameters, makes function call deterministic

list of parameter arrays