Module: pennylane.templates.layers

StronglyEntanglingLayers(weights, wires, ranges=None, imprimitive=<class 'pennylane.ops.qubit.CNOT'>)[source]

A sequence of layers of type StronglyEntanglingLayer(), as specified in [schuld2018circuit].

The number of layers \(L\) is determined by the first dimension of weights. The template is applied to the qubits specified by the sequence wires.

  • weights (array[float]) – array of weights of shape (L, len(wires), 3)
  • wires (Sequence[int]) – sequence of qubit indices that the template acts on
Keyword Arguments:
  • ranges (Sequence[int]) – sequence determining the range hyperparameter for each subsequent layer
  • imprimitive (pennylane.ops.Operation) – two-qubit gate to use, defaults to CNOT