This module provides quantum circuit architectures that can embed classical data into a quantum state.

CV embeddings

SqueezingEmbedding(features, wires[, method, c]) Encodes \(N\) features into the squeezing amplitudes \(r \geq 0\) or phases \(\phi \in [0, 2\pi)\) of \(M\) modes, where \(N\leq M\).
DisplacementEmbedding(features, wires[, …]) Encodes \(N\) features into the displacement amplitudes \(r\) or phases \(\phi\) of \(M\) modes,

Qubit embeddings

AmplitudeEmbedding(features, wires[, pad, …]) Encodes \(2^n\) features into the amplitude vector of \(n\) qubits.
AngleEmbedding(features, wires[, rotation]) Encodes \(N\) features into the rotation angles of \(n\) qubits, where \(N \leq n\).
BasisEmbedding(features, wires) Encodes \(n\) binary features into a basis state of \(n\) qubits.


To make the signature of templates resemble other quantum operations used in quantum circuits, we treat them as classes here, even though technically they are functions.